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Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
support him. still the issue reportedly does have the white house concern, and according to cnn the white house has reached out to jewish groups for their support. and then on gay rights. hagel called james hormel aggressively gay. he has renounced those words, but now a future senator who is obviously a leading advocate he told the "boston globe," quote . . . >> jennifer: so joining me now to discuss all of the president's cabinet appoints is michael o'hanlon of the brookings institute. welcome back inside "the war room." really appreciate it. >> thank you governor nice to be with you. >> jennifer: great to be with you too. brookings institution is a very respected organization. do you think hague sell a good pick? >> yeah, i tend to think he is. although i will say right up front is i think tough questioning of the type that mitch mcconnell talked about is entirely appropriate for a confirmation process, and i would be interested to see how senator hagel's views have changed or modified over the years. on iran i share some senator hagel's concerns abou
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
-election. not a good idea. >> jennifer: michelle, ben bernaanke told cnn that he's in favor of totally scrapping the debt ceiling. do you think he's on to something? should we get rid of it? >> i agree with him. there is no reason to have it, and then every so often we have to have arguments whether to raise it and whether or not the u.s. government is going to default on its obligations to people all over the world. i think bernanke is a very smart person and i think he knows what he's talking about and hopefully his sentiment will pick up steam on the hill. >> jennifer: we'll see about that. this is a subject that is not going away. let me switch quickly to politics. the rnc chairman reince priebus will pursue rewarding the states electoral votes by congressional districtses. >> representation by congressional district. >> jennifer: and if that were the case then the president would have lost michigan, pen pen, ohio, florida his victory would have been down to two votes. >> the republicans always want to change the rules they only want to change those rules in areas where it benefits them. rei
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
came after a private meeting with democratic members of the congressional hispanic caucus. cnn reports that those members urged the president not to unveil his own legislation for fear of compromising this -- these delicate bipartisan talks. jay carney the spokesman of the house with seems to confirm that that happened. >> i'm not going to negotiate legislative tactics from here but we will be working with congress, with both houses both parties to help bring about a result that is a detailed specific bill that can win bipartisan support in congress and that this president can sign. >> jennifer: so it's going to start in the senate with the bipartisan gang of 8 and it is still going to have to go to the house, but it still might have a chance if boehner can get his caucus on board. and john boehner released a statement saying . . . but learning about the issue is not on the agenda for the truly rabid right. of course roll out rush limbaugh, here he is speaking for that wing of the republican party. >> i don't know that there's any stopping this. i -- i me
Jan 3, 2013 3:00pm PST
have said that your group is asking for too much, and maybe overreaching, for example, cnn's contributor ruben navaret criticized the tactics. saying the dreamers chalked up a victory but what some really want is the golden ticket, citizenship and many reject even ridicule proposals by republican in congress to give them legal status without citizenship and the voting privileges that come with it. what would be your response to mr. navarette. >> first of all, i believe that ruben is in the minority. susan b anthony did not ask too much when she asked for women the right to vote. they didn't ask too much to be judged on what they do and not the color of their skin. we're glad to don caps and gowns and fight for justice and be accompanied by the brass of history that has made this country great. we'll continue to push for the opportunity for every american, including americans that were born here to have that opportunity to reach their dreams and we're part of that history. >> jennifer: well, you are an awesome spokesperson for the cause, daniel, you're an inspiration. i real
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)